New Album Vlog #2

Quick update on the composing and prep process for the new album.


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I love your talent and teaching. You are awesome. But I just don’t get the pledge thing, this is YOUR life. Isn’t buying the CD , concert ticket, piano lesson an pledge in and of itself ? I know many people send you money, and probably dis agree my take on pledging to advance your position. Or maybe I’m just one of the more financially challenged fans. I think you should be grateful for what you have been so abundantly blessed with. Why don’t you use your fan base to pledge money for a children’s hospital or funding for arts in the public schools or at risk kids who don’t even know what a piano looks like.
Why do you need more?

Shara, thanks for your comment. In the present “music industry” climate, it’s very difficult to do a project such as this without financial assistance, and that’s just to cover part of the budget. And even a well selling jazz CD today cannot cover the production costs for many years. That’s why you’re seeing many artists with much bigger names and fan bases than me financing their recording projects with so-called pledge campaigns (see the Pledge Music website.) The majority of the orders we’ve received have been for pre-orders of the CD and attending the recording session, which I’m very happy about, and I hope folks will enjoy. And I actually donate my services and perform at quite a few charitable events throughout the year that help raise funds for wonderful causes, I’m doing two such performances here in St. Louis this month.

Dear Peter,
Thanks for your sincerity and candidness.
The “present climate?” The music industry is responsible for spinning every weathervane on earth at dizzying speeds long before notation was a notion. Even the Brill Building got drafty back in the day.
You’ve been to how many countries? Travel is expensive that’s for sure.
Love your music.
But I’m missing the point.
Ps Im hip to the music climate personally .
Maybe we can just agree to disagree

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